Goodbye 2016, hello 2017! 

​As this last page of the year is coming to an end. I still want to be thankful to everything that  happened in the past 364 days. Problems may be a big part of this, but I am still blessed and I can claim it. I have been to 3 different countries and I’ve learned a lot thru travelling. I started to work in vine industry and though it is a difficult job, this won’t make me stop on fulfilling my dreams. 

I won’t forget someone’s comment that I received saying that I need to have faith in humanity. Thanks to you, I have something to believe that there’s still hope in this world.

I am hoping for a prosperous 2017, full of good deeds, health and happiness to me and my family.

Thank you readers!

 Thanks for appreciating my random thoughts.

 Thank you that you all become a big part of my 2016. 

Thank you WordPress, I am able to showcase my opinions and simple thoughts about everything. 

I am wishing everyone a happy happy New Year! 

Thank you.


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