Berlin experience

Berlin is such a nice city. It is a combination of history and modern world. Berlin’s skyline, museums, malls,theater, opera house, lots of public square are wonderfully built. 

It was my first time and I wanted to reach all the places on my list. 

So, in this case, if you want to travel in Berlin and reach all important point I think, you should book a stay in hotels or hostels around Mitte or anywhere near subway, train, metro, bus stops. 

(If you want to book your stay in Berlin and have a 15 euro discount:enter on this link:

I reccomend you to get a 1 day transportation ticket(zone ABC) or the Berlin Card to make your stay at ease. Available in any station in Berlin.

Must see places are:

Brandenburg Tor 

Berlin wall -East side 


Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathderal) 

Lust Garten;

Old and New National Gallery;

Pergamon Museum;

Charlie Checkpoint 

Around Potsdamer 

Charlottenburg Palace

GendarmenMarkt where you can also find 2 churches


Around Alexanderplatz

Oberbraumke Bridge

Sony Center, Berlin 

Those who love chocolates can shop at the Ritter’s Sport chocolates shop/museum

Those are just few photos I took in Berlin. 

P.s just like any other cities. Everyone should be careful, because anywhere on earth have people who can do bad things especially on tourist. I’m not a victim but I witnessed two modus operandi that I also read on different travel blogger. 

Just go straight on your goals and do not feel distracted by anyone and you will be safe! 

I travelled with 3 other girls and we have stayed late (until 12 pm) but we arrived on our place safe and sound. 

I hope you can visit Berlin too! What you will spend, will all be worth-it, for sure.

Thanks for your time.


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