There are times in my life where I still complain even on small things. The fact that I am normal, healthy and  can still eat whenever and wherever I want to and the fact that I can still study in a country different from my hometown. I think I have no rights after all.  

I was really moved  by the story of Inan, who happens to have a rare bone condition.

 He is a grade 7 student who lives in a remote place in the Philippines. He walks an hour everyday to be able to attend his classes.

  Because of his conditions he was bullied and called  “carabao”, “monkey”, “dog” etc., but this  doesn’t stop him on pursuing his dreams, which is to help his family and have a better life. 

The fact that he still continues to study is  very inspiring and really heartbreaking. He is a selfless young boy.

I know God has plans for him. I hope those who have a good heart can help him. 

Let us help him walk like a normal person

Click the link below to watch his story.

INAN’S story


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